Organizing Pre-Sets Edit

However you choose to re-organize pre-sets, it is recommended that you read "Managing Pre-Sets".

Song Edit

Some users organize their pre-sets so that successive banks will follow the progression of guitar parts for particular songs. For example, 01 may be set for a tone to be played under vocals, whereas 02 may be louder and modified for a lead section. For Android users, the REMUDA App's Drag and Drop Preset Reorganizing and Performance Mode Song Preset features makes this very easy!

Set-List Edit

A suggestion that comes up frequently is to organize pre-sets, in order of a set-list. The benefit of this method is obvious, but there are draw-backs such as having to manage pre-sets as set-lists are modified. For Android users, REMUDA's Drag and Drop Preset Reorganizing and Performance Mode Set List Features makes this very easy!

Amp Edit

An alternative idea is to organize pre-sets by amp. For example, grouping unique '65 Princeton pre-sets in banks 01-10, '59 Bassman pre-sets 11-20, etc.

Tone Edit

Others have shared that they have organized their pre-sets by tone (e.g., clean, crunch, high-gain, etc.)