Tips & Tricks: Firmware

Every Mustang Amp Model (including the Mustang Floor) run on a version of Firmware. It has been several years since Fender released any Firmware revisions. Unless your Mustang is several years old, it is likely to have the latest Firmware. The latest Mustang Firmware is version 2.2.

On the Mustang III/IV/V and Mustang Floor, each of which have an LCD Display Screen, determining the installed Firmware version may be done via the Util Menu, via FUSE, or via the REMUDA App. 

For the Mustang I and II model Amps, FUSE or the REMUDA App must be used.

For all models FUSE is required to update the amp's firmware!

It is vital to bear in mind that although the latest current firmware is several years old, the latest version of FUSE is older! Thus, should you need to update your amp's firmware, you must first download the current firmware and have it available on your computer for FUSE to install to amp. It is also important that you direct FUSE to use the newer firmware. Otherwise, FUSE will install it's older firmware version to your amp! Some users have posted that they inadvertently overwrote their current firmware with FUSE's older version firmware. 

Although the Android REMUDA App's Settings Screen displays the Firmware version installed on the amp to which it is connected, REMUDA does not have the ability to update the firmware.