High-gain sounds Edit

Overdrive/Boost for rhythm tones Edit

When using high gain amp models, such as the American 90s and the Metal 2000, it can be difficult to keep the bass under control when the gain is pushed past 4. Using a clean overdrive or a boost pedal will keep the bass frequencies under control, while allowing for very long sustain. If the overdrive pedal is mid-heavy, it is recommended to dial out the mids slightly on the amp, as to not make the rhythm tone too bright.

Overdrive/Boost for lead tones Edit

While the 4x12V cabinet can help in creating lead tones, using an overdrive/boost pedal can really make the amp sing. When dialing in the overdrive/boost, it's best to keep the gain low and the level high, so that the natural dynamics of the guitar are kept, while allowing for very long sustain.