With the Fender Mustang amps offering as many as 100 Pre-Sets, easily managing the pre-sets can be a problem. Unfortunately, the Fuse software falls short in this respect. Luckily, enthusiastic Fender Mustang and Fuse community users have stepped up to fill this gap.

Horse Tamer (Windows) Edit

A Fender forum user by the name of ischenitte created a Windows program called Horse Tamer that allows users to manipulate the backup files created by Fuse and easily reorder your preset files.

Speed Shop (Mac) Edit

Josh Buhler, another Fender forum member, created Speed Shop, a program for Mac OS that is similar in many respects to Horse Tamer.

Unfortunately, the link seems to be no longer working. Message that comes up is: "This link doesn't work anymore."

Remuda (Android) Edit

Remuda is an Android app developed by Triton Interactive. In their marketing material, they describe it as:

A complete editing and control application for your Fender Mustang (V.2) amplifier. Provides complete "deep" editing of all Presets, Effects, and Amplifiers. Direct mode allows drag and drop re-ordering of presets. Performance mode lets you build a complete "set list" of song-by-song Presets, with multiple presets per song. Requires Android version 3.0 or later and a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter/cable to connect your Tablet or Smartphone to the amplifier. 
Remuda now supports all Mustang V.1 and V.2 amplifiers! The software is updated regularly, with newly added and improved features. Some of the latest features include a Backing Tracks Player in Performance Mode for Set List Songs; A Favorites Mode for choosing Presets grouped to display only Favorited Presets for concise viewing, comparing, and faster easier Preset tweaking without needing to move, renumber or rename Presets to temporarily group them; Backup and Restore to preserve and grow your Presets library beyond your amp's capacity and for sharing Preset backups; and Color Indicators coordinating with the Panel LEDs on Mustang I and II models.

REMUDA is also offered free of charge as REMUDA LITE which is limited to Eight (8) Presets and otherwise identical to the full version.

See the Wiki's more detailed REMUDA App Page here.