LCD Displays on Mustang III/IV/V (added by MusicLaw)

The Mustang III/IV/V have a highly informative LCD Display with numerous useful modes. In conjunction with the Amp's Buttons and Data Wheel the LCD provides rich information to edit and control the Amp, Presets, FX, Util Menu options, and more.

Mustang III/IV/V users familiar with the LCD Display know that it shows the Preset Number, Preset Name, Amp Name and FX configured for the currently selected Preset. This is the primary display the Amp shows after completing the power on sequence. Rotating the Data Wheel changes to another Preset.

Momentarily pressing the Data Wheel changes the display to show Six (6) button knob graphics depicting the precise values for Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Reverb (as well as the Preset Name and Number). Pressing the Data Wheel again, changes the display to show the FX Signal Processing Chain (along with the Preset's Name and Number).

What I pleasantly discovered and had not realized was that the LED display remains in the last display mode selected as you change from Preset to Preset. This, regardless, if rotating the Data Wheel, or, the using the 4 button footswitch (Mode 1 for Quick Access Presets or Mode 2 to Navigate Presets) to change Presets or when returning from Tuner mode.

This conveniently allows constant viewing the selected Preset Amp's virtual knob parameter values, or alternatively, the Preset's FX Signal Processing Chain!

Tapping the Data Wheel again returns to the primary LCD FX configuration display.

Until now, when not using the REMUDA Android App to control the Mustang, I had mainly used the LCD in its primary start up mode (showing FX configuration) and tapped the Amp button to display and edit the Amp values. It was a new discovery (for me) that the Mustang allows leaving the LCD in the Amp values or Signal Chain display mode!

If you haven't used your Mustang III/IV/V this way, give it a try!

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