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A recent post to the Fender Forums (see: contains several links to PDF's purportedly of the Fender Mustang Schematics.

Hi all, This is my first post in Fender Forums.  I'm a 5 year owner of a Strato American Deluxe HSS, and I just purchased a Mustang IV (V.2). 

In the urge of finding out the most about this awesome amplifier I came across a lot of users wanting to access the schematics of their amplifiers. Having an Electrical Engineering degree and being curious as hell, I began searching those around, and after doing some advanced Google searching I stumbled upon these:

Mustang V

Mustang IV

Mustang III

Mustang I & II

Mustang Mini

Mustang Floor

They appear to be legit, but of course I can't tell it for sure. 

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for these files neither I have control over their availability. They are publicly available through a Google link resulting from a trivial search string.

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