Fender Mustang amps come installed with the amps' memory banks filled with factory pre-set models. These factory pre-sets are commonly criticized as being "useless". It should be understood that the factory pre-sets are built, in part, to demonstrate the wide range of the amps capabilities and, thus, are somewhat extreme.

Fender makes available pdf documents of the amps and the effects used in each factory pre-set. These documents don't include detailed information on the settings of each.

To restore a Mustang Amp's factory pre-sets:

  1. Turn the amplifier OFF. 
  2. Press and hold the EXIT button while turning the amplifier ON. Continue holding the EXIT button until it is no longer illuminated. 

The FACTORY RESTORE function will erase all user modified presets. It will also restore the AMBER bank of presets and any effect selections that have been modified using Fender FUSE software.