Master Volume:

  • Emulates the Power Amp section volume control of the modeled amp
  • Controls volume and overdrive

It is displayed only in the Advanced Amp settings for the following amp models:

  • Basic '90s
  • British '60s
  • British '70s
  • British '80s
  • Brit Color
  • Brit Watts
  • Metal 2000s
  • Fender Super Sonic

Most amps don't have a "Master Volume" control under Advanced, because those actual amps don't have a power-amp volume control; they had only a pre-amp volume control (also known as Gain). Such amps always ran "full-tilt" and depended on how much gain/volume was coming out of the pre-amp section to determine how much was going to the speakers. You usually find this on either really old amps or smaller, low-wattage amps. 

Supported by Fender FUSE software, and the REMUDA Android App.